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The University of Southampton

Knowledge transfer partnerships

Join forces with the University through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). Use funding to access our expertise and take new ideas forward or find innovative solutions to business-critical challenges.

Speak to us about KTPs

What can a Knowledge Transfer Partnership offer your business?

Through a KTP it's possible to access funding for two-thirds of the project costs from Innovate UK to work with a University academic team and a newly qualified graduate. A KTP will also enable you to access other skills, expertise and facilities within the University.

CJR Propulsion - a KTP partner

Business benefits

Information from Innovate UK shows that, on average, the business benefits to be expected from a single KTP project are:

Profitable Relationships

KTPs often result in the development of profitable long-term relationships between the company and the University. Find out more about how KTPs work and their advantages on the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships website.

Our previous KTP partners

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to supporting KTPs, having worked with numerous partners from the commercial, public and third sectors to tackle a wide range of engineering, statistical, educational and environmental challenges.

How is the partnership funded?

Knowledge Transfer Partnership with BV Dairy
Knowledge Transfer Partnership with BV Dairy

The scheme is a flagship programme of Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board). The average annual contribution to a project for a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) would be from around £23,000.

Is your organisation eligible?

A wide range of organisations can apply for a KTP, including UK businesses of any size, charities, higher or further education organisations and research and technology organisations. Find out more about eligibility for KTP on the Innovate UK website.

Railway research

Get in touch

Explore the potential for accessing government funding to support a knowledge transfer project with us by contacting our KTP Programme Officer

Speak to us about KTPs
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