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The University of Southampton


Apply for a Clearing vacancy in Acoustical Engineering at the University of Southampton and choose one of our world-class degrees. You can apply online at any time or call 0330 058 6942 between 09:00-17:00, Monday-Friday.

You will be based at the world-leading Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) and have access to state-of-the-art facilities including one of the UK’s largest anechoic chambers.

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Top 10 for Engineering*
World-class facilities
Industrial experience opportunities
Guaranteed accommodation**

Choose your Acoustical Engineering degree

BEng Acoustical Engineering

BEng Acoustical Engineering

For those with a passion for sound, this degree will combine a thorough grounding in the skills all engineers need with concentrated specialisation in acoustics, vibration and their human effects.

MEng Acoustical Engineering

MEng Acoustical Engineering

MEng students take part in a group design project in year four, many of which are industry-led. Multidisciplinary projects offer ideal preparation for industry that’s greatly appreciated by employers.

BSc Acoustics with Music

BSc Acoustics with Music

Combine an interest in sound and technology with musical studies, for a broadly based education in both fields; musical composition and critical analysis combine with engineering to create a unique course.

Combine your degree with an Industrial Placement Year

Industrial Placement Year options

Both BEng and MEng Acoustical Engineering can be combined with an Industrial Placement Year, providing the opportunity for a year-long placement with an engineering-based organisation.

Find related courses

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Watch the video to see our annual Design Show

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*Engineering at the University of Southampton appears in the Top 10 UK Universities in both the Complete University Guide 2019 and the Guardian University Guide 2019.

**University accommodation is guaranteed for Clearing 2018. The guarantee is for a single occupancy room, and you must apply and accept within the agreed deadlines.  

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