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Your Clearing questions answered

Here you'll be able to find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Clearing and Adjustment that we receive. Find answers about:

For a full explanation of how Clearing and Adjustment work please see our Clearing and Adjustment explained page.

Questions about the application process:

What is the Clearing telephone number and what are the opening times?

Thank you for your interest in the University of Southampton, we have now closed Clearing and Adjustment for 2019.

For more information on how to plan your path here for 2020, please see our undergraduate courses and how to apply.

Do I need to apply through UCAS or can I apply directly through the University of Southampton?

From A Level results day, Thursday 15 August 2019, you will be able to contact us to find out if we will be able to make you an offer or not. If we can make you an offer you will need to refer yourself to Southampton via UCAS Track (or apply via UCAS Clearing if you have not yet applied to UCAS).

UCAS step-by-step guide to Clearing and Adjustment.

What information do I need when I call you?

If you call our team of friendly advisors on results day (15 August) you will need to be able to give us:

  • Your name
  • Your UCAS Personal ID (if you've already made any application through UCAS for 2019 entry)
  • Your results (which may include relevant GCSE - or equivalent - results)
  • The subject area / course you are interested in

Will entry grades go down as Clearing continues?

Our list of available courses and their accompanying entry grades are now published. The entry grades will not go down as Clearing continues.

How do I get released into Clearing?

Being released into Clearing means you'll be giving up your place at Southampton. Before you release yourself into Clearing, please make sure you are happy with this decision and you have secured an offer (in principle) from another University or College. We may not be able to accept you if change your mind and want your old place back.

Once you’re sure you want to be released, sign into UCAS Track and choose 'Decline my place' and then follow the on-screen prompts.

What is my Southampton Student ID number ?

You will need your Southampton student ID number to apply for accommodation and to formally enrol with the University.

If you were holding a firm or insurance offer with Southampton you will be able to find this number on your offer email and on the email we sent to you confirming your place.

If we have made you an offer via Clearing or Adjustment, we will be able to confirm your ID number shortly after you make Southampton your Clearing choice via UCAS Track. This can take several hours and so please check your inbox and junk/spam folders for the confirmation.

Why is there no decision on my application?

There can be a number of reasons why your place is yet to be confirmed and you should receive an email from us on Thursday 15 August giving you some further advice. The most common reasons are:

  • Your offer included the need to pass one or more GCSEs the results of which have not yet been published.
  • Your offer required you to achieve a specific result in an English language test and you have yet to provide us with this information.
  • We have not yet received your results (or have only received partial results) from UCAS – don’t worry, this does happen sometimes and once we receive your results we will update your offer. If you have already received your full results please ask your school/college to email these to us as quickly as possible using the address at the foot of the email we sent you.
  • Your course requires you to obtain an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check – if you have already applied for this please don’t worry - they can take a little while to come through. If you haven’t applied for your DBS check yet please follow the information in your offer email.
  • Your offer requires you to submit a satisfactory Occupational Health report – your offer will be updated as soon as possible after we have received the report and it has been assessed.
UCAS step-by-step guide to Clearing

Questions about eligibility:

I haven't got the grades I needed to satisfy my offer. Will you still accept me?

Every applicant holding a firm or insurance offer with Southampton will receive an email on the morning of Thursday 15 August setting out whether we are able to confirm your place or not. Please check your email account (including your junk/spam folder). You can also check the status of your offer on UCAS Track (but if you still have other conditions outstanding Track will continue to show your offer as conditional).

There were special circumstances that affected my performance in my exams. Will you reconsider my application?

If you have already informed us of your particular circumstances, we will already have taken these into account when making our final decision and so we will not be able to reconsider our decision.

If you haven’t already informed us of your circumstances, please forward details of your case via email to the Admissions Team, along with any supporting evidence, and we will make a decision on your application as quickly as we possibly can. Please make sure you put 'mitigating circumstances' in the title of the email.

I missed getting the grade I needed in one of my subjects by just a few marks, so I am getting a remark. Will you hold my place for me?

Please email the Admissions Team to confirm that you have asked for a remark, ensuring that you confirm which subject(s) is/are being remarked. We may be able to hold your place if the decision on your remark is made prior to 31 August.

Please make sure that you put 'remark' in the title of the email.

Can I defer my place?

This can depend on the course you applied for. Please put your request in an email to the Admissions Team, including any specific reasons for your request, or mitigating circumstances. We will contact you within 5 days with our decision.

Please put 'Deferral request' in the title of your email.

I was deferred but now I want to come this year instead – can I do this?

Please email the Admissions Team to put your request in writing. We will consider this request and let you know the decision as soon as we are able to. All such requests will be dependent upon the availability of places for your chosen course.

You previously offered me a place, but I put other universities as my firm and insurance choice. Is your offer still available?

If we have places on your chosen course we may be able to make you a Clearing offer.

You are my insurance choice university. I don’t want to go to my firm choice, will you accept me?

If you have met the conditions of our offer then we will be able to accept you, as long as there are vacancies on your chosen course. Check our vacancies and speak to us.

If you wish to proceed you'll need to release yourself from your firm choice – select the 'Decline my place' option in UCAS Track - and then apply to Southampton through Clearing. We would urge you to telephone our Clearing hotline (03300 586940) before you do this to ensure we will be able to accept you.

I’m currently holding a firm offer at another institution but have decided that I would prefer to come to Southampton instead. Can you offer me a place?

You can apply online from 6am on Thursday 15 August, or call our Clearing hotline to discuss your grades with us. If we can offer you a place you will first need to release yourself from your current offer before you can formally apply to Southampton in Clearing. In UCAS Track select the 'Decline my place' option and then make a Clearing application to Southampton.

I haven’t met my offer but UCAS Track says you have accepted me. Is it correct?

In some circumstances we may have been able to accept you even if you didn’t quite meet the conditions of your offer. We will have emailed you to confirm your place on Thursday 15 August so please check your inbox and/or junk/spam folder.

I have finished my first year at a different university. Can I use Clearing to transfer across to Southampton?

You can apply online from 6am on Thursday 15 August, or call our Clearing hotline to discuss your enquiry. If we are able to make you an offer we will ask you to apply via UCAS Clearing.

I am waiting for the result of a GCSE English / Maths exam. Can I apply through Clearing before I know the result?

If you are already holding an offer from another university which is dependent upon achieving specific English and/or Maths GCSE grades then you will not be able to use Clearing until they have made their decision as to whether to accept you or not.

If you don't currently hold any offers, or if you will be applying directly via Clearing, you will be able to do so, but we may not be able to confirm your place with us until you have your GCSE results.

Our tips on preparing for Clearing

Questions about courses:

What courses will be available in Clearing?

Thank you for your interest in the University of Southampton, we have now closed Clearing and Adjustment for 2019.

For more information on how to plan your path here for 2020, please see our undergraduate courses and how to apply.

Are the same courses available in both Clearing and Adjustment?

Yes, all our courses that have places are open for both Clearing and Adjustment applicants.

Is medicine available in Clearing or Adjustment?

None of our medicine courses are available in Clearing or Adjustment as they are full. However, we do have places in courses that are related to medicine, or could lead to a career in medicine. Search our undergraduate course listing to explore your options.

Can I use Clearing to apply for a Foundation Year course?

Yes, if we have vacancies remaining for any of our Foundation Year courses these will be available in Clearing.

See our available courses

Questions about international applications:

I am an international applicant and have non-UK school qualifications. Can I be considered in Clearing?

Yes. The University accepts a wide range of international qualifications and you can find information about our requirements by looking up your country.

I am coming from outside of the UK. Will I be able to obtain a visa in time if I am accepted through Clearing?

Most international students will have enough time to obtain a visa to study in the UK if they accept a place through Clearing. Once you hold an unconditional offer with the University we will provide you with a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) document which you will need in order to apply for your visa. Further information can be found on our Visa and Immigration page.

I am applying from outside of the UK. Where can I find help in my home country?

The University’s International Office team provide prospective students with tailored support to help them prepare for studying with us and they regularly attend events in countries around the world. Find out when our team are visiting your country.

Our International team are also attending a number of events this year in Hong Kong. Find out more about Hong Kong Clearing.

Information for international students

Questions about accommodation and visiting us:

How do I apply for accommodation?

We guarantee a single room in halls for every student who joins us through Clearing and Adjustment 2019. Conditions apply, find out more on our accommodation application page.

In order to apply for accommodation you will need your Southampton student ID number. As a Clearing applicant this will be sent to you in an email after you have formally made us your Clearing choice in UCAS Track. This email is generated once your formal referral has been verified by our admissions staff. Please check your email inbox and the junk/spam folders.

It can take up to 24 hours to receive your student ID number to apply for accommodation. If you don't receive it straight away, please do not worry. If you still haven't received it within 24 hours please contact us.

Once you have your student ID number you apply for accommodation in the same way as every other undergraduate student. Learn more about how to apply.

Can I visit the University before I accept the offer you have made me?

We will hold a special Clearing and Adjustment Open Day, just for offer holders. This will be held on Saturday 17 August from 10am to 3pm. It will take place on our Highfield Campus. Details of how to book your place at this Open Day will be sent to you in your offer email.

Before then you can visit the University through a Campus Tour, or through one of our summer undergraduate Open Days. Learn more about ways to visit us.

Explore our accommodation

If didn't find the answer to your question here you can use the 'Chat now' button below to contact us, or email our admissions team -

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