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Apply for a Clearing vacancy in History at the University of Southampton and choose one of our world-class degrees. You can apply online at any time or call 0330 058 6942 between 09:00-17:00, Monday-Friday.

Our expertise ranges from the ancient world to contemporary global history, and our staff advise governments, the media, and cultural institutions.

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Top 3 in UK for research*
95% employment success**
Top 100 global university***
Guaranteed accommodation****

Choose your History degree

BA History

BA History

Gain a valuable understanding of the defining events of the past, recognise their impact upon the present, and develop an insight into the future.

BA Ancient History

BA Ancient History

The ancient world has profoundly influenced subsequent generations of history, and studying antiquity offers you a way of understanding the foundations of today’s world.

Combined study with other subjects

Combined study with other subjects

View all our joint honours courses to see how you can combine History or Ancient History with a variety of other subjects, such as English, philosophy and archaeology.

Photo of Rhiannon Owen
I love the variety in the course. The hardest part is actually choosing what to study. I’ve studied a range of modules from the very modern America’s War on Terror to Medieval Castles.
Rhiannon OwenBA English and History
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*History at the University of Southampton is in the top 3 in the UK for the quality of our research - latest REF, 2014.

**95% of graduates from the University of Southampton entered employment or further study within six months of leaving University - Destination of Leavers Higher Education survey (2015/2016).

***The University of Southampton is a global top 100 university in the QS World University Rankings 2019.

****University accommodation is guaranteed for Clearing 2018. The guarantee is for a single occupancy room, and you must apply and accept within the agreed deadline.

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