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The University of Southampton

How Clearing and Adjustment work

What is Clearing? This information should help you understand how Clearing and Adjustment work, including how to apply and what happens if you are made an offer through Clearing and Adjustment to study with us. We hope this information will help you to feel fully prepared for whatever happens on results day.

Clearing is when students apply for courses after their exam results are not as good as expected, or when they already have their exam results and are applying for the first time after 30 June.

Adjustment is when students change the provider (or course) they want to study at because their exam results are better than expected.

Clearing and Adjustment are open to UK and International students.

Key dates for 2020:

Clearing and Adjustment operate through UCAS.

Who can apply?

I applied before 30 June, but my results are worse than expected and I haven't got my original choice of course / university.

You can use Clearing to find a place.

I applied before 30 June, but I've changed my mind about the course place I accepted.

You can use Clearing to change the course / university you want to study at.

I haven't made any university applications yet this year and I'm not holding any offers, but I've decided I'd like to go to university this September.

You can use Clearing to find a place.

I applied before 30 June and my results are better than I expected, so I'd like to find a different course / university.

You can use Adjustment to change the course / university you want to study at.

The Clearing and Adjustment process:

  1. Register your interest - you will have the opportunity to be the first to be notified when our Clearing vacancy list with entry grades goes live. 
  2. First vacancies go live  - in mid July 2020 we release our first list of course vacancies followed by our entry grades just before 13 August 2020. 
  3. Results day - you'll be able to call us, or use our online form to contact us, to discuss your options and find out if we can offer you a place through Clearing or Adjustment. 

Adjustment works on a slightly different timeline.

Adjustment opens on 13 August 2020, or the date your firm choice offer is made unconditional (whichever is the later). Adjustment remains open for five continuous 24 hour periods. You will only be eligible for Adjustment if you have exceeded all of the requirements of your firm choice offer.

For example, if you had to obtain A level grades AAB and you achieved AAA then you will be eligible for Adjustment. However, if you had to obtain AAB to include an A in Mathematics and you achieved A*AB with a B in Mathematics you would not be eligible for Adjustment.

Top tips:

If you still have questions about Clearing and Adjustment you may find the answer in our Clearing FAQs.

After receiving an offer through Clearing and Adjustment

Congratulations if you receive an offer to study with us. These are the next steps you will need to think about:

1. Visit us

When we offer you a place through Clearing and Adjustment you will get the opportunity to visit us "virtually". You'll be able to get access to key information from the comfort of your home. Attend live chats and find out about life at Southampton before you make your decision. Look out for more information in your offer email.


Use are Virtual Open Day

Virtual Open Day

You can also take a look at our existing Virtual Open Day now. You can see our campuses, facilities, and accommodation.

View our Virtual Open Day

2. Book your accommodation

Accommodation is available to students who join us through Clearing and Adjustment 2020 (terms and conditions applied).


See more of Tom and Emily's top tips on our Clearing playlist.

3. Contact Student Finance England

If you are a UK / EU student and you gain a place through Clearing and Adjustment and you haven't applied for finance you will need to do this as soon as possible. If you have already applied for finance, but there have been any changes to your course or university, then you will need to update Student Finance England. Watch Student Finance England's short video on what you need to know about finance through Clearing and Adjustment:


4. Sort out your visa (international students)

If you are coming to study with us from abroad you may need to apply for a visa. As soon as you have accepted your place through Clearing and Adjustment you should apply for your visa. Learn more about visa applications. 

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