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Apply for a Clearing vacancy in Natural Sciences at the University of Southampton and choose one of our world-class degrees. You can apply online at any time or call 0330 058 6942 between 09:00-17:00, Monday-Friday.

Think beyond the limits of individual disciplines with this unique, flexible and interdisciplinary degree programme. Design your own degree shaped by your interests in science and your career aspirations.

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Cutting-edge facilities
Exciting placement options
Top 20 UK university*
Guaranteed accommodation**

MSci Natural Sciences (4 years)

Natural Sciences

Our four year integrated Master of Natural Sciences programme is a unique, flexible, interdisciplinary degree programme that makes it possible for you to design your own degree shaped by your interests in science and by your career aspirations.

Based on a backbone of compulsory interdisciplinary modules that focus on real-world contexts, our MSci Natural Sciences degree will provide you with experience in acquiring, integrating, and using knowledge from different scientific disciplines to solve problems or address scientific challenges.

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Photo of Miranda Stracey
I have the freedom to tailor my degree to my exact interests and career objectives, which is a rare opportunity and not one to be missed. It will make my four years at university far more interesting as I’ll be studying exactly what I want.

*The University of Southampton was listed as a Top 20 UK University in The Complete University Guide 2019.

**University accommodation is guaranteed for Clearing 2018. The guarantee is for a single occupancy room, and you must apply and accept within the agreed deadlines.

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