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The University of Southampton

Pre-masters programmes

We offer pre-masters programmes to provide international students with the academic and English language skills needed for taught postgraduate study at Southampton.

The pre-masters programme will help you to get the most out of your taught Masters degree at the University of Southampton.

The course is taught by our academic staff and all classes are delivered on campus.

Subject to your performance on the course, participants are guaranteed a place on a range of masters programmes after the pre-masters is completed.

Who is the pre-masters for?

The course is suitable for you if:

How does the pre-masters course work?

This course is a two-year integrated course which lets you take your chosen masters programme in the second year.

You will be guaranteed a place on your chosen masters programme, subject to successfully completing the pre-masters course.

What can I study once I have completed my pre-masters course?

The Southampton pre-masters programme will allow you to study a wide range of masters courses, including Management, Marketing, Law and Music.

For the full list of masters programmes which need you to complete the pre-masters course, please visit the pre-masters course page.

Visit our taught postgraduate course page to find out more about our full range of postgraduate degree programmes.

What are the entry requirements?

You can find out the entry requirements on the pre-masters course page.

International student in a lecture

Pre-masters course

Visit the pre-masters course page for more information about this course and how to apply

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International students studying in the library

International courses

Discover more about our full range of foundation, pre-sessional, pre-masters and English skills courses.

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