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Experience Engineering

What is Experience Engineering?

15 - 17 April 2020

Experience Engineering is a residential course for Year 12 students interested in studying engineering at university. The residential will introduce students to the areas of Ship Science, Mechanical Engineering and Acoustical Engineering.

Design Triathlon Residential 2017 (now Experience Engineering Residential) - Ship Science Session
Ship Science projects

Course Overview

Over three days, students will design, build and test a Green power car and a fast craft for water. You will also capture, explore and synthesize acoustic environments as part of a team. These projects allow the participants a chance to undertake research whilst developing essential key skills. Staff and students from the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences will provide talks, workshops and seminars within their subject areas. 

Participants live in university halls of residence for the duration of the course, and are mentored by current undergraduate and postgraduate students, giving a unique opportunity to find out what life is like at university. Sessions will provide insight into the wealth of careers and opportunities that an engineering degree can provide. This will include an alumni session to learn and network with those already in exciting and specialised fields.

Students will also have the opportunity to socialise with other Year 12 students and current university students. Social opportunities will include a series of evening activities and meals.  

The course is a great opportunity to get a taste for engineering ahead of university applications.

This course is free for Year 12 students who meet the below eligibility requirements.

Mechanical Engineering Activity at Design Triathlon 2017 (now Experience Engineering Residential)
Mechanical activity - team project testing

What does the course include?

Students who participated on the residential said:

"Overall, a very enjoyable experience and I would recommend to other students considering Engineering." 2017 student

"Exciting residential with fun and engaging activities." 2017 student

"This course has provided me with the tools to progress in my application to Uni." 2018 student

"The residential was comprised of a beneficial few days that allowed me to experience Engineering as a whole, rather than just Maths and Physics separately, as I had done all throughout school and Sixth Form. The Design Triathlon was comprised of a beneficial few days that allowed me to experience Engineering as a whole, rather than just Maths and Physics separately, as I had done all throughout school and Sixth Form. Living on campus for the duration of the Design Triathlon gave me my first insight into university life, which in turn confirmed my desire to study at Southampton, and helped me to settle a bit quicker when it came to Fresher’s Week." Katrina Carpenter -  Mechanical Engineering, University of Southampton


This is a free course for Year 12 students.

To be eligible participants must be under the age of 18 at the time of the summer school, and meet the following academic criteria:

and meet at least two of the following Widening Participation criteria:

The Course is open to students (home UK only) currently studying in Year 12 or S5 in Scotland (or equivalent) at maintained schools or colleges in the UK.

Application Process

Applications are now closed for 2020. Dates for 2021 and details of how to apply will be available later in the year.

If you meet the eligibility criteria above then you can apply using using the link below.

Useful Downloads

Need the software?PDF Reader

Contact us

For further information on Experience Engineering, please contact the residential co-ordinator:

Telephone: 02380 594803


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