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Arts at University of Southampton

Inspiring arts and culture for everyone.

people looking at Gerhard Richter 4900 Colours (2007)
Gerhard Richter 4900 Colours (2007) John Hansard Gallery ? Steve Shrimpton
Steve Williamson, Turner Sims
Steve Williamson, Turner Sims
Slideshow image
Shadow Factory, Nuffield Southampton Theatres ? Manuel Harlan
Music Department performance students, Talking Heads
Music Department performance students, Talking Heads
Poet performing
Live poetry, English Department
Matt Rhoda sculpture in Valley Gardens ? Thierry Bal
Matt Rhoda sculpture in Valley Gardens ? Thierry Bal
Fashion Degree Show
Hannah Price, Fashion Degree Show Winchester School of Art ? Dave Clarke
Studio 144, Guildhall Square ? Thierry Bal
Studio 144, Guildhall Square ? Thierry Bal

Get Involved

Whether you’re a student, a staff member, or you are from our wider community, there are plenty of exciting cultural opportunities for everyone through Arts at University of Southampton.

Take centre stage with over 40 student performing arts societies, be part of a captivated audience at Turner Sims’ international concert season, take in an acclaimed production at Nuffield Southampton Theatres or discover a new exhibition at John Hansard Gallery’s new city centre home at Studio 144.

From knitting to video game design, poetry to dance, there is something for everyone.

Arts Blog

Join a growing community of contributors sharing their thoughts and insights on our Arts Blog. Get behind the scenes of concerts, events and workshops and gain industry insights from arts professionals and artists.  Submit your blog proposal to us for approval and get writing.

Arts Ambassadors

Arts Ambassadors, funded by the Excel Internship scheme, is an opportunity aimed at students who are enthusiastic and curious about the arts and want to gain professional, paid experience.

We offer the chance to work with arts professionals across the University and the cities of Southampton and Winchester, get involved with a variety of exciting events and activities and develop a set of valuable skills whilst engaging with leading arts venues and promoting the incredible arts offer to other students.

For more information on future opportunities as an Arts Ambassador, please e-mail for more details on the scheme and future applications.

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Southampton Cultural Quarter

Take a virtual tour of Southampton’s Cultural Quarter culminating at Studio 144

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Glimpse into the future of design  

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Discover the opportunities in Film at Southampton  

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Find out more about Southampton’s emerging literary scene



Experience the best in live music, including world, jazz and classical, by international musicians and music societies

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Enjoy a host of exciting and challenging new productions, touring shows and performing arts societies


Visual Arts

Explore the world through artists’ eyes, with a dynamic series of contemporary art exhibitions, education programmes and events

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